Styling Summer Dresses for Winter

Versatility is the key to any wardrobe as it adds value to the pieces that you buy, but how do you wear your warmer weather items, through the winter months? The onset of cooler temperatures does not mean we need to put away our dresses, colours and the florals. If you are someone who lives in jeans and tops during the winter and dresses only resurface once it is warm enough to consider dipping your feet in the pool, then we have some tips for styling Summer dresses for Winter.

Here are our top tips:

Invest in a Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are a great piece that can be teamed with so many things in our wardrobe. They add warmth and are a trend that pretty much never die. Go for a classic cut and one that has a little extra room allowing you to layer your items. They allow the colours of your under layers to show through and you can even layer a lightweight sweater (cashmere is always a great option for warmth and little bulk) over dresses that will create the illusion of wearing a skirt.

Layering over the top of your dresses means that as the day warms up, a denim jacket can easily be removed without the hassle of a full de-robe!


Sweaters are great for layering with dresses and we love the look of a long turtle neck that extends past the hips and can be worn over a maxi dress. Chunky knits create extra warmth and contrast perfectly with the delicateness of a floaty dress.


Boots come in many different styles, shapes and lengths but are a must to get us through the winter months. Long boots look great under maxis and by adding a pair of tights which generally won’t be seen, they will keep you extra toasty.

Short boots or booties are a popular trend choice for this and future seasons and are great to wear with maxis but also with our shorter shift style dresses. Blacks can be heavy and draw the eye down to the foot so a neutral (like tan or nude) when wearing colourful and lightweight dresses can be a better option.


Scarves keep the neck and chest warm, yet they make a great way to change up the look of an outfit or draw colours from the under dress layers and make them pop like with our Sorrento Maxi Dress. If you are wearing a patterned dress, try a plain print but there is also nothing wrong with a bit of print clashing too!

Under Layers

We often talk about layering over the top of outfits but don’t forget you can always add layers under your clothes to keep you warm. The first thing that comes to mind is usually tights, but adding a fitted long sleeve top or turtle neck can not only add warmth but also another dimension to your outfit. Layering under your clothes is a good choice particularly if the weather will remain cold all day and you won’t need to remove items. Neutral colours like blacks, whites, beiges and greys can be found in many different stores and will often work in with other items in your wardrobe.

So there is our top suggestions to help add versatility to your dresses throughout the winter. Do you ever wear dresses during the cooler months? How do you layer up your items? Let us know by leaving a comment below.